Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thursday, Joe and John took the girls on a little hike near the cabin, and Nicki and I went into town for pedicures. On the walk, they saw a tree where at least one bear used it as a scratching post. John said Emma Rose got a little scared! They had a great time. Emma Rose and Anabelle had just laid down for a nap when Nicki and I returned. I went in the bedroom, and Emma Rose giggled and said "Mommy, I pee-peed in the woods." She was so proud of herself.
The other families arrived Thursday night, and we had a great breakfast Friday morning. It was the beginning of being totally spoiled for breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, sausage, and other yummy and fattening goodies were standard fare for three mornings. I would have taken pictures of the spread, but I was too busy eating! Emma Rose was in sugary heaven. She doesn't normally get as much sugar in a year as she had in three days. She de-toxed Sunday and seems to be back to normal!

Friday, we spent the day at the cabin. I started out the day with a little of the outdoors inside. When I got out of the shower, I saw a scorpion on the wall just outside the shower door! John smashed it and threw it away. During the rest of the day, it was nice to watch the kids play together and just relax, especially after filling up on such a great breakfast. The guys went out for a solo hike. I heard there were lots of rocks to climb over, and they saw evidence of more bears on the ground. Meanwhile, the girls and Dallon, the only boy, watched a movie on a quilt on the floor. The mommies were able to relax a bit. Friday night was bath night for all the kids. Anabelle started the trend, and the other girls followed. Emma Rose was next, and Sara and Audrey got in the bath with her. Emma Rose got out, and Laurin took her place. It was super cute!

Anabelle was saying "sky" and "eye" and pointing in the appropriate direction. She also started saying book, hi and her version of cracker in reference to graham crackers. I got turtle out of her once but haven't heard it again. She also started signing more much more often for us during the last part of the week. All the little girls were fascinated by her and kept trying to feed, kiss, and hug her. She really liked all the attention! I kept expecting her to walk, but she's still just teasing us with almost taking that first step.

Saturday was a busy day as we went to Hillcrest Orchards in Ellijay where we visited the petting zoo, saw clogging, slid down the gigantic slide, watched pig races, and, of course, picked apples. The kids also milked a cow! John and I learned that Anabelle really enjoys chewing on apple cores. It tasted yummy, plus it was soothing to her gums.

We were sad when the trip was over! John did get to get back to his car. After washing the dirt off my car, he washed his car. . . and the love affair with mustangs continues. I still have not decided on a name and have not had a ride in the car, but Dorie is in the running. It's from Finding Nemo when Crush (the turtle) calls Dorie Little Blue.

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