Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuesday, we spent the day hanging out at the cabin. Anabelle loved climbing in a little chair and scaring the adults. Joe is a play dough master, and Emma Rose and Anabelle stalk him to play with it. I think John and I are going to have to but some more play dough toys for Emma Rose when we get home. John found the hammock on the porch, and the girls found him! It was a relaxing day, and we were ready for an outing on Wednesday.

We packed up two cars and went to Fort Mountain State Park Wednesday. We hiked a trail and saw a Stone Tower and a rock wall. The trails were pretty friendly and there were lots of rocks, flowers and leaves for Emma Rose and Anabelle. We also found a playground where Anabelle had a snack, and Emma Rose and Laurin were able to play for a while. There were three tired little girls that night!

Thursday, Anabelle woke up and stood up in her pack and play. She squealed with joy to see Mommy asleep in the bed next to her. Nicki and I went on a solo outing into town. The dads stayed behind and took the girls on a walk through the woods. We’re expecting the other two couples and four children this evening!

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