Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yesterday morning, Emma Rose visited the doctor again. He thinks she has had 2 viruses back to back. She's lost 2 pounds since last week because she's not eating like she normally does, but the doctor doesn't seem to be concerned. He says she should be feeling better by mid-week. We haven't had any more fever since Thursday. The milkshakes we've been giving her should help her gain the weight back!

This morning, she woke up before Mommy and Daddy. We heard a couple of thumps, and then she appeared in our room. This time she had one t-shirt (her favorite My Daddy Rocks t-shirt), a pair of shorts, and two pairs of underwear. She said, "Mommy, get me dressed." I asked why, and she said, "Because I'm going to get naked." She did just that by flailing her clothes across the room, and I helped her get dressed. She thought it was really funny she had gotten two pairs of undies. She also told me she was all better and the yogurt had made the germs go away.

Yesterday was a big communication day for Anabelle. She started saying "Uh-oh!" and she started signing for milk. I've been trying to teach her the sign 'more' for about 6 months or so, and still she's only done that one once. I've been trying to teach her the sign 'milk' for about 3 or 4 days, and last night she did it at dinner! Now, she is an expert at asking for milk with her hands. Last Wednesday, she said "fish," and there has not been a repeat performance. Maybe it was hopeful hearing hopefully.

This morning, Anabelle discovered the tissues. And I discovered her discovering the tissues. I was busy in the kitchen, and all was quiet. Ahhhhh I was thinking to myself. Then, reality struck. It was quiet. I started hearing whosh, whosh, whosh. Anabelle had the tissue box on the floor and was steadily pulling out tissue after tissue and spreading them all about her. All Emma Rose and I could do was laugh!

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