Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday Emma Rose and Anabelle were still feeling a bit bad due to Anabelle's teething and Emma Rose's cold. The day John comes home I usually try to get some domestic chores done so that I can spend time with him rather than do laundry, vacuum, etc. Friday was the day this week, and the girls played upstairs while I was toiling. Anabelle has started being able to crawl really fast and has become fascinated with pulling hair out of Jasper. She started a new game with Jasper Friday: Anabelle chases Jasper, corners her, and squeals with excitement. Jasper flattens out her ears, looks at Anabelle with terror in her eyes, and runs away.

Hobie also gave and receive affection that day. He loves it!

To our delight, we continue to be over run by ruby throated humming birds. At almost every meal, the juveniles fight with each to be king or queen of the feeder. We're also seeing lots of baby gold finches along with the swarm of house finches. They are so cute. Unfortunately, several of the house finches we've seen have the bird version of pink eye, aka "the funk." It's pretty contagious in the house finch and gold finch community. And also very sad.

Just a little update on the college football scene: UGA won their first two games. UT lost their first game. It's a good season for UGA so far. Emma Rose and Anabelle will need a UGA cheerleader outfits!

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