Sunday, September 7, 2008

Today, John bought and installed a new muffler and some other muffler like parts on his car. He had to drive to about an hour to buy the parts at Summit Racing and then an hour back home. Emma Rose went along with him for the ride and had an awesome time. She made sure to tell me she saw lots of signs. Summit has these really cool vintage-like garage signs that John loves. She was his car buddy and helped him with the installation. Anabelle even had her afternoon snack in the garage with Daddy. John was thrilled with the results!

Anabelle also made more progress toward walking. She walked holding only one of my hands all the way across the front yard - more than 50 steps! It was very exciting. (John even stopped the car work to snap the pictures!) All that exercise may make her cute little chunky legs get skinny.

The girls topped off the day with bath time. Tonight, Daddy managed bath time almost all by himself. The three of them have a fun time together. Emma Rose and Anabelle also rolled around and fell face first over and over again on Mommy's and Daddy's bed. They were ready for bed and a good night's sleep tonight!

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