Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dinner Disaster & Bath time Bliss

On Monday, Pops and Uncle Clyde came by for a quick visit. They were on their way home from a Porsche Club of America in Young Harris. We were happy to see them! Emma Rose kept running away when I tried to take her picture with Pops, but Anabelle was ready for me!

Anabelle has developed a new communication tool. She sticks out her tongue and blows when she is displeased or does not like something. It must have started about 3 days ago. Last night, she would not eat dinner. When I tried to give her something, she would give me the sign, and food would spew out of her mouth. The only food she would eat was about 6 ounces of cold pickled beets. She even started to let me know when she done with those, too. She is teething pretty fiercely now, and I think her belly must not feel well. At times, there is a stream of snot joining the stream of drool. They intermingle on the way to either her belly or the floor. She’s fascinated with the dime size puddles on the floor, and they become little streams. (I’m in constant awe of the glamorous nature of my lifestyle.)

Tonight was no different. Neither of my children would eat what I offered. Emma Rose played, and Anabelle cried. At one point during the intermittent crying, I looked over at Anabelle. There was a golf ball sized snot bubble protruding fromm her nose. It was totally entertaining her until she popped it with her finger. When I tried to give her some dinner, she provide me with the sign. I broke out the pickled beets, and she ate them! I love pickled beets, and as weird as I think it is that she will eat them when all else fails, I’m so glad she’s getting something in her belly! She soon tired of the pickled beets and the sign once again led to crying.

In the mean time, Emma Rose got bored. Hmmm . . . . Would not eating contribute to her boredom? I had to send her into the dining room she was acting so “bored.” I had a gigantic surprise: Emma Rose started crying, too. Not quite Oscar material, but close. Now, both of them were crying. In fact, at one point, the chorus of crying was so bad, all I could do was laugh. Nicki called during a lull that started up about 30 seconds after I answered the phone. During our conversation, I was cleaning up some of the food, snot, and drool soaked napkins. When I was throwing them away, I noticed how quiet the pantry was. I closed the door while I was in there. I could only hear a muted roar! I will remember that.

Thankfully, tonight was bath night. It's not always good, but tonight was really great. The mini monsters who rejected my fine dining changed back into my sweet little girls. They played in the tub together. The rubber duckies were shared. Emma Rose tried to help me wash Anabelle. Anabelle giggled when Emma Rose had shampoo in her hair. They were so cute I almost forgot about the dinner situation. When John gets home, I may run away for several hours. He has promised me that I am allowed. I will coincide the running away with dinner and the return right before bed time. I’ll insist he make sure any tears are wiped away and the girls have been dipped in the wonderful pink Johnson and Johnson lotion, so the scent can remind me of how very sweet my children are. I love my little girls.

I have another Emma Rose funny to share. Today, she was playing in the family room and I kept hearing her say to me, “I’m getting busy.” Shocked at the words coming out of her mouth, I could only listen for a couple of minutes. I’m pretty careful about what she watches on TV, and she really doesn’t play with older children. My first thought was what in the world has John been watching when Emma Rose is in the room? I asked, “Where did you hear that?” To answer my question, she said, “Daddy.” She repeated “I’m getting buuussssyyyy.” Surely she couldn’t mean what I thought she meant. Then I realized she was spinning in circles. Ah-hah! I asked her, “You’re getting dizzy?” She giggled and said “Yeeeeess!” Whew.

Anabelle is still only on her way to walking. She is making small steps. She stood up for the first time all by herself in that she did not pull up on anything. She is getting more and more confident with her practice walking when I hold her hands. It totally helps that her Auntie Cathy sent her the cutest pair of pediped shoes for her birthday! Emma Rose must now have the matching pair. Anabelle is also still saying “cat” whenever she sees Jasper, the cat. She also says “cat” now whenever she sees Hobie, the dog. It must be a little confusing as Jasper is larger than Hobie. I would think the whiskers and meow would give it away. We’ll keep trying. She has also definitely learned where her nose is . . . and, to my dismay, where her left nostril is. She really likes it. And finally, the last Anabelle update: she is giving high fives!

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