Saturday, August 30, 2008

Anabelle's Birthday

Yesterday, August 29th, was Anabelle's first birthday, and we celebrated her big day today. Nicki and Laurin; our cousins, Jerry, Terri, Rachael, Schuyler, and John; and Aunt Shirley joined us for the party. Although she has been teething for the last few days, Anabelle had a great time. She especially enjoyed the cake!

Emma Rose was a diligent big sister and made sure that everyone would "sing happy birthday to my sister." Anabelle wasn't quite sure what to make of the undivided attention from everyone in the room, but she smiled and just wondered what we were doing.

We had to get her started with the cake by making sure she tasted a little bit of it. Once she she knew how yummy it was, she used her little fingers and hands to shovel it in her mouth . . . . and in her ears, and on her head, and under her dress. She shared her cake with her sister and her daddy. She had so much fun eating her cake that we had to strip her down and put her in the kitchen sink before we opened gifts! She received wonderful gifts: toys that I'm sure she'll enjoy for years to come and clothes that she'll wear until she grows out of them.

After the party, Anabelle took a much needed nap, and Emma Rose and Laurin played. The girls chased each other and played a little "hide and sneak." They ran around so much that a lot of my pictures are blurry! Laurin decided the party should get a little risque and took off her clothes. She must have learned that from her father. Nicki and I made sure to put her clothes back on before the trip home!

Both Emma Rose and Anabelle continued to be obsessed with the balloons the rest of the day. It's wonderful to see them having so much fun. At least in the near future, the girls' birthdays and birthday parties will continue to be one of the best times of the year. I'm not anxious for adolescence to kick in and kick mommy and daddy out. Just as Connie Ambler said upon our high school graduation and growing up in general, "It's bittersweet." I never imagined what it would be like to be on this end of it.

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