Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Emma Rose & Anabelle

Emma Rose's Imagination

Last night right before bed time, Emma Rose 'found' a baby tiger in the dining room. It was tiny enough to fit in the palms of her hands. She told me, with a very sad look on her face, the baby tiger was alone without his mommy or his friends. She asked me to hold the baby tigers - one had now multiplied into two. She very carefully transferred the tigers from her hands into mine. I held the baby tigers while we walked upstairs for bed time.

As we brushed her teeth, I put the baby tigers beside her. They had to have some milk as they were hungry. Emma Rose cupped her hands again, picked up the baby tigers, and carried them into her room. She very carefully put them in her bed, and they curled up by her pillows, Baby Lambie-pie, and Baby Tigger. They cuddled with her as we read bedtime stories, and when I tucked her in, all 10 of them were laying right next to her. Yes, there were now 10 baby tigers.

This morning, the 10 baby tigers were right next to her, and they came downstairs with us. They played a little with us this morning, and they are taking a nap with her right now.

Anabelle Knows Nose

I was so impressed that Marlee was recognizing facial features that I have started to identify them to Anabelle. (Auntie Cathy and Marlee were such good influences on us!) When I asked her where Mommy's nose is yesterday and today, she was able to point to my nose. It was very exciting! But don't make the call to Mensa yet, Auntie Cathy. When I asked her about Mommy's eyes, she also proudly pointed to my nose. She likes to poke her finger in my mouth, so I'm considering working on helping her identify mouth next.

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