Monday, August 11, 2008

Anabelle has Tooth # 3 & Emma Rose is Swimming

We waited 10 months for Anabelle's first tooth to finally come through. As of last week, tooth number three is finally here. The first one was the tooth on the bottom left. The second tooth came through on the top after she gnawed through her upper gum with her first tooth. The third is the bottom one on the right. She might have one more before her first birthday on the 29th. We'll see.

Anabelle: 3rd tooth (bottom right)

The girls had a great weekend playing the yard and going to the pool. Emma Rose is learning to swim without her US Coast Guard Approved (thanks, Daddy) float, aka ducky. Anabelle is starting to crawl all over the baby area and is even trying to go in water that's a little too deep for her. The lifeguard asked if she was trying to teach herself how to swim! Of course, I totally freak out when she plants her face in the water. She is still alive and has lots of fun. For John's sake, I'll try to save the freak outs for my own mind.

Emma Rose & Anabelle Playing in the Yard on a Pool Float

Anabelle in the Baby Area of the Pool

Emma Rose Swimming to Daddy and Going Down the Slide

Last but not least: I've been waiting for more than 3 years for this. Emma Rose actually let me put her hair in pigtails! I started talking about how cute Laurin's hair is when it's in pigtails (and it really is very cute!), so she told me that I could put her hair in pigtails, too. She had to sleep with them that night, and she has had to have her hair in the pigtails ever since. In fact, she got out of bed last night to have me put her hair back in the elastic band. She insisted I do it before she got back in bed!
Emma Rose in Pigtails for the First Time

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