Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gardening, the Birds, and the Girls

John, Emma Rose, and I have planted some strawberries, tomatoes, roses, and sunflowers in the yard. Although Anabelle doesn’t help, she enjoys being outside and watching us! Emma Rose and I go out just about every morning to check the flowering and fruiting plants. We dead-head the roses, count their blossoms, check and count the tomatoes, and see if the sunflowers are blooming. We had about 4 strawberries several months ago and none since. The sunflowers came from a little kit from Nicki. There must have been about 30 seeds, and most of them germinated. We planted 6 of the plants, and 5 have bloomed. Emma Rose was delighted! She has really grown to love seeing the plants grow. Here are some pictures of what we’re growing.

Last week, we had a bit of a scare. I guess the scare was mostly mine. Emma Rose recovered pretty quickly.

We were walking through the kitchen, and Emma Rose suddenly said, "Mommy, there's a dead bird on the deck!" I did a double take, and there was indeed a bird lying on its side on the deck. Emma Rose was upset, and I tried to explain to her that the bird went to heaven. Well, I said, the bird's spirit went to heaven and its body was still here. I stumbled over all of it quite a bit. For goodness sake, a three year old doesn't know what a spirit is. After she seemed OK with what happened, I took Anabelle upstairs for her nap while Emma Rose stayed downstairs. When I came back, Emma Rose was peering at the deck and the bird was gone. After I asked where the bird was, she told me it flew away. I looked everywhere for that bird. It was gone. I guess it had slammed into the door and knocked itself out. Emma Rose was there to seee it get up and fly off. I wondered how I was going to explain death now and am glad she hasn't really asked.

Later that day, she told our cousin Rachael there was a dead bird on the deck, and its leg were out like this. (She held her arms straight out with her hands in fists.) Then, she said, the bird flew away. She loves to tell that story.

Anabelle is now saying "cat" almost every time she sees Jasper. It's really exciting to see her recognizing an object and vocally identifying it. She will occassionally say "dog" when she sees Hobie, but I think she might be getting a little confused about the difference between dog and Hobie. I also learned that every time I say, "I'll be right back," Anabelle understands and speed crawls to me. Emma Rose and I tested it, and even when Emma Rose would say it, Anabelle practically turned on a dime to get in my lap. Anabelle has also been consistently "dancing" everytime she hears music. She opens her mouth slightly, occassionally pokes her tongue out, and bobs her head from front to back. She is also wanting to test out more and more how it feels to stand independently. She gets the biggest grin when she makes eye contact with me as she is standing. I think she knows she's growing up, too.

Anabelle has continued to crawl up and down the stairs. She hasn't mastered going down the stairs. She tries to go head first.

Emma Rose Crawling up the Stairs and Trying to Figure Out How to Get Back Down

The girls have been playing kitchen in Emma Rose's room pretty often. When John got home Friday, we all enjoyed some wonderfully prepared pretend meals together. I think Anabelle is going to start enjoying kitchen more and more!

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