Friday, August 29, 2008

Play Dates

On Wednesday, Emma Rose, Anabelle and I had a play date with Nicki and Laurin. We started off having a great time. The girls started out playing together. After going through the toys in the toy basket, Nicki brought out the special crayons, stickers, and construction paper. Little did we know we had entered into the downhill slide. Emma Rose was being a little too rough with crayons, and both Nicki and I told her to be more gentle. Emma Rose adores Nicki, and when she heard no from Nicki, she exploded into tears. I tried talking to her and explaining things to no avail. We had to go to her room, and I thought she had finally calmed down. No such luck: the downhill slide was really an avalanche that lasted more than an hour. That is no exaggeration.

From that experience, I learned that my child is persistent, determined, and has tremendous lung capacity. If she decides to pursue an acting career, she may very well fill her home with Oscars. I learned about myself that I despise crying, especially during a tantrum. Thank goodness Nicki was here so that she could assure me I was being a good mommy by not responding to the tantrum and Emma Rose would not be emotionally scarred for life. The mark of a good and loyal friend is one who can stay in the same house with your screaming three year old. Laurin also continued to have a great time despite the absence of her BFF.

The next morning, Emma Rose told me this: "Nicki and Laurin were here. We were playing. Then, I was crying and crying." We had another talk during which I assured her it was OK to cry, but crying only to get what you want doesn't work. I'm still recovering from the cry fest and so glad that Emma Rose is OK, too.

These pictures are from a happier play date with Nicki and Laurin. Emma Rose and Laurin are really learning to play with one another rather than next to each other, and it's so cool to see how they are growing and developing into little people and great friends.

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