Saturday, August 16, 2008

Auntie Cathy & Marlee's visit: Part 2

Every morning since Auntie Cathy and Marlee arrived, Emma Rose's first two questions are "Where is Auntie Cathy? Is Marlee awake?" She loves having her aunt and her cousin here!

We had an exciting hour at the pool Wednesday afternoon. Marlee and Anabelle crawled in the baby area, and Emma Rose used the slide and jumped in the water from the edge of the pool.

Thursday, the girls had a fancy tea party and played kitchen. We went on another walk and played in the yard. All the girls had pretty good afternoon naps. Marlee slept so well that she woke up with the impression of the blanket on her face. Anabelle's fourth tooth has also come in!

On Friday, all three girls played tea party with Auntie Cathy. Hobie even joined in and had some pretend tea in a bowl. We joined Nicki for a visit to the Yellow River Game Ranch. We were able to see, touch, and feed quite a few animals. Cathy reported that she felt as if she were Mother Nature because of all the wild life. Laurin showed Emma Rose the ropes. Marlee was completely hypnotized as she watched everything going on.

White Duck with Afro (According to Cathy, he says "AFRO" instead of "Aflac")

Emma Rose and Laurin had fun giving all the animals peanuts, carrots, apples, crackers, and lettuce. The squirrels would come up and take peanuts right out of your hands!! It was so cool.

John got home Saturday afternoon after a long week, and Grammy came to visit. We had a big family lunch and then relaxed until we went to car show in Canton. John has been wanting to go back ever since we stumbled upon it last month on a trip to the store. We all enjoyed a quiet outing!

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