Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Auntie Cathy & Marlee's Visit: Part 3

On Sunday, we all hung out around the house. Cathy, John, and I sat out on the front porch and watched the hummingbirds during the girls' afternoon naps. It's really fun to watch them act so territorial with one another. Even though we have two feeders in the front, one will often fight off any other that tries to land on either feeder. We rarely see two hummingbirds sitting on a feeder together anyway. Still in competition with John to out-do his hummingbird picture, I was snapping pictures for a little while. While taking the pictures, we realized that we have baby hummingbirds in the yard! We could tell because the males have just the beginning of the red patch on their throats. Now it makes sense that I thought I was seeing an awful lot of females lately!

Hummingbirds at the Front Yard Feeders

Juvenile Male Hummingbirds: Look at the Tiny Patch of Red on the Throat

Auntie Cathy gave a cute, mini Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) doll to Emma Rose and a play telephone to Anabelle. They loved their gifts! After we said good-bye to John, Auntie Cathy and I played with the girls. Emma Rose had a great time playing Belle and "hide and sneak" (her interpretation of hide and seek) with Auntie Cathy. As a side note: if you ever need someone to do a voice over for The Beast, Auntie Cathy should be on your top 3 list. Anabelle and Marlee really liked the plastic packaging the Belle doll came in.

Monday was our last full day with our wonderful house guests. After morning naps for the babies and playtime with Emma Rose, we loaded up the car to take Emma Rose to ballet class. During Monday's class, the teacher had the girls jumping like frogs, something Emma Rose really enjoys anywhere, and she fell and busted her lip. It was sad, and she cried. She told me she "never, ever wanted to go back," but she was OK enough to change from ballet slippers to tap shoes for part 2 of the class. She ended up missing the very last part of the class because she needed a potty break. That was also very sad for her. I guess "never, ever" lasts about 7 minutes.

After we returned from ballet, all the girls had afternoon naps. Thank goodness becase the mommies needed a little break. That afternoon, Auntie Cathy was very brave and watched both of the babies by herself, and I got to go to the store with Emma Rose. I had the better end of that deal!! When I called from the store and there was no answer, I was afraid the babies had risen up against her. They were way too sweet for that!

That night, we went to dinner with all three of the girls, and they were pretty good. Our dinner was as relaxing as it could be with three children! When we left, there was a pile of tiny food particles and shredded cheese surrounding Marlee's and Anabelle's chairs! The girls played a little after dinner, and then went off to sleep! Cathy and I had another nice evening after the angels were asleep.

Tuesday morning was our last morning with Auntie Cathy and Marlee. Emma Rose entertained Marlee by blowing raspberries at her. Marlee giggled and giggled and then started to blow them right back at Emma Rose! It was very cute and a bit messy. After breakfast, Marlee and Anabelle played with the little house. Several times, Anabelle would try to go through the door, and Marlee would scream at her. Anabelle would back up, stare and try again. It was so funny! The morning was too short. Emma Rose, Anabelle, and I were sad to see them go, but we had a great visit with them while they were here.

Marlee said 3 new words while she was here: hat, lamp, and night. I was so excited to be able to hear them. So was Emma Rose! Did I mention that she LOVES Marlee?? The best part of the visit was seeing the girls play and laugh together. I already miss Marlee calling everything "cat" and "cheese." I can't wait to do it again.

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