Saturday, August 9, 2008

The latest collection of Emma Rose Funnies

These are the latest Emma Rose Funnies I have been collecting to email out. Her little personality is growing by leaps and bounds!

  • We bought Emma Rose some animal crackers. She asked me to give her a few in a bowl. I was in a rush and told her the crackers wanted to be on the counter top before she ate them, so they could play. (In hindsight, it's a little disturbing that I told her that.) The next day, she asked for more and I put some in a bowl. She told me, "No, Mommy. Put them on the counter, so they can play. That's what you told me yesterday."

  • My wonderful friend Nicki and her daughter, Laurin, came to visit us a few weeks ago. Emma Rose and Laurin were having a grand tea party on Emma Rose's bed. She looked at her friend and said, "You stink. You have poopy."

BFFs: Laurin & Emma Rose

  • We went to Chick-fil-a the other night, and Emma Rose accidently spilled my entire full cup of lemonade. One of the really nice employees came over to clean up the spill. Emma Rose was very inquisitive about the mop, how it worked, why it would clean up the spill, etc. She stopped asking questions for a minute, looked at me, and exclaimed "Ohh, he's SOOO NIIICE!" The little guy helping us couldn't have been more than 17. Emma Rose's comment gave him the biggest smile and also made him blush quite a bit.

  • When we all left to go to the car, Emma Rose hit her head pretty badly on the car door. She had one of those silent cries and turned bright red. Daddy tended to her pretty quickly: He stood her up in the back of the Jeep to check her head and give her a big hug. After just a very few minutes of the intense cries, she stopped as if she hadn't been injured at all and said, "Daddy, look at that bird. Can we go see it?" We were ready to take her to hospital, and she wanted to see the bird.

  • Thursday night at dinner, Emma Rose asked me if we could go to the doctor. I asked why, and she said because she wanted to go and get another baby. When I asked her if she wanted to get a boy or a girl, she held her fingers up as if to measure something quite small and said, ". . . a tiny one."

            • We've been trying to get Emma Rose to stop sucking her thumb during the day. It's a challenge. I've started putting some bad tasting polish on her thumb to help her remember not to put her thumb in her mouth. A couple of nights ago when she got into bed, she asked me to remove the polish putting her thumb in her mouth. When I wiped the polish off, she put her thumb in her mouth and said "mmmmmm."

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