Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I gave Emma Rose a little hair cut Monday night! It was looking a little shaggy - the sides off her hair grow faster than the back. Some might call it a reverse mullet. She also gets "the fuzzies" when she sleeps and when she's in the car. A section on the back right side of her head gets fuzzy, and I think it's causing some of that hair to stay dry and break off. Anyway, she now has a little bob! She'll have to go to the salon for a real haircut next time. Now, I can't wait for it to grow so we can let it grow long! Anabelle is still basically bald . . . . cute, but bald.

Sugar and Pops came for a visit Tuesday afternoon. Sugar brought an awesome Honey Baked Ham dinner for us that night. Wednesday, we went shopping in Dawsonville, and Thursday, we went to Helen, Georgia, also known as Little Bavaria. It was the perfect day for a trip there. Helen was just beginning the Oktoberfest, which is the longest Oktoberfest in the world according to their pamphlets, and most of the activities happen at night. When we started walking, Emma Rose had to smell every flower by the street. We walked around the town and found a great authentic German restaurant with wonderful sauerkraut and purple cabbage. The sauerkraut was just as good as my grandmother's kraut. Pops also treated Emma Rose and Sugar to some homemade ice cream. (The owner of the shop was lactose intolerant!) Anabelle sat in the stroller and eventually fell asleep.

Thursday was a memorable day for me. Emma Rose and I had our first discussion about what she would wear. She did not want to wear what I had chosen for her. She was very upset and told me, "I don't want Sugar Pops to see me in this!" She wanted a pink shirt, not the brown one with pink pants. I offered her another outfit, and she still refused. She finally relented and looked very cute!

John arrived home Thursday night and reported that Charlene was indeed totalled. He got through all the paperwork with the insurance company Friday. It is the end of an era with Charlene, and now he is looking for another car . . . a mustang, of course. We'll see what he can find, and we'll be taking our time to make sure he finds something he'll love. I don't think it'll replace Charlene for him, but I'm sure he'll have fun getting to know the new car. He told me I could choose the new car's name, too!

The week of the 22nd, we're headed to the mountains at Bear Lodge Falls for a vacation with Nicki and her family. Two other couples and their children will be joining us during the weekend. Emma Rose is looking forward to spending a week's long play date with her best friend, Laurin! It should be a great vacation for all of us, and we're really looking forward to spending the entire week with John. I'm hoping he doesn't spend the entire week looking for a car.

Saturday, we went into Canton for the local car show sponsored by Po Boys Car Club. Emma Rose loves being with her daddy looking at all the cars. She told us Saturday that the blue ones are her favorite - the make and model don't matter. It's fun to walk around to see what people do to their cars. Some are pretty average looking, and some are really neat.

Anabelle is now definitely saying "tree." She will point to a tree and then say it. She's also been saying "da-da" quite a bit lately and will occasionally say "ma-ma." Her absolute favorite word is still cat, and she's saying dog, too. We have to listen closely when she's saying dog and cat because they sound so similar. Anabelle is also pointing to the light in a cute crooked way and trying her best to say light. She doesn't quite make it. She's also mimicking sounds of phrases without the actual letters. In the car, she just babbles and babbles unless she is crying because she's teething. Can you guess which we prefer? We're so happy about her being so vocal. It's better than listening to the radio.

In car news, John has found another car. There will be pictures and a name. He seems very happy and is on the way home with her now. She is a 2001, true blue Mustang Cobra. I still think we'll miss Charlene, but I'm sure that for John, this will be salve to the wound of losing her.

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