Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is the first picture of John's new (to him) car. I'm taking suggestions for names, but I have to have a ride before I settle on one.

True Blue 2001 Mustang Cobra

Anabelle really started using the sign for "more" for John. She still won't do it for me. Also, it seems that she is starting to feel empowered that she can sign for milk and get it. It's great for us, the parents, because we can fill a need without having to guess, and Anabelle doesn't fuss! We're all happy!

Anabelle Signing More

We're at the cabin outside of Chatsworth, and it's a beautiful place, far away from most of civilization it seems. Traveling the last 3.8 miles was a bit treacherous as it was a steep gravel road. It took about 30 minutes. We're having a great time! Emma Rose and Laurin have been playing and running around in circles. Emma Rose is so excited that she's hardly eaten. This morning, Laurin's daddy, Joe, had both girls mesmerized with play dough. There's also this pretty large, log cabin style doll house, and the girls have been playing in it quite a bit. It's going to be a fun week.

Emma Rose and Laurin Playing in the Doll House

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